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How to Improve Your Posture and Rounded Shoulders in 14 Days!

Sometimes, I dress up as Captain America and go to comic conventions. But I can’t do that with crappy posture. So I did a mobility routine from Deskbound for 14 days designed to help improve your posture.

Being a hunchback sucks.

They’re generally portrayed as pretty ugly.

Let’s be honest, if your posture sucks, you probably lose at least half a point on the 1-10 scale.

Probably more.

And your back might hurt so there’s that too.

If you’ve seen of my previous videos and articles, you know that I generally like Kelly Starrett’s stuff.

In fact, you can watch a video version of this post here.

Long story short, he’s a physical therapist and wrote the book, Deskbound, which is where I got this routine.

According to the book, “Deskbound”, this prescription can be used to treat:

-Anterior shoulder pain. (Anterior means front side)

-Shoulder range of motion restrictions.

-Stiffness from forward head on neck position

-Stiffness from rounded aka internally rotated shoulders

-Tight chest. 

Personally, I started noticing that my shoulders were starting to round because I have been spending a lot of time at the desk lately and haven’t been doing an upper body mobility routine since I finished the last one on the overhead position.

Rounded shoulders can also happen if you’re the type of person to do disproportionately more pushing exercises than pulling ones.

In this case, it’s often affectionately called douchebags.

Because its common in gym bros that just bench press all the time.

Yes. Mobility is unfortunately one of those things that are use it or lose it.

If you don’t stretch for a while, you will lose your flexibility. Some of you faster than others.

I am one of those lucky people who don’t lose it as quickly.

So my starting position wasn’t too bad. Here it is.

Like I said, not too bad but some slight shoulder internal rotation going on here.

Here is the routine in its full glory.

Anterior Trunk Mobilization

You’re basically just sticking a lacrosse ball into your chest and then twisting and jamming it around.

Then you move your head in different directions.

It’s that simple.

2 minutes each side.

Blue Angel

This one is basically you laying down and throwing your weight onto a ball.

Then you move your arm around like you’re making a snow angel.

2 minutes each side.

Lateral Opener

You can do this anywhere but I like to do it with a band.

It’s pretty straightforward to be honest.

Just make sure you’re keeping your belly tight.

2 minutes each side.

Double Arm Shoulder Extension

Grab something behind you, then start to lower yourself. You can also do it one arm at a time. 2 minutes.

And then just for fun, I threw in the:

T-Spine Smash

Because it just feels so damn good.

4 minutes total.

Alright. 2 weeks later, what do we got?

Well, I’d say that was an improvement.

I’ll admit, its not visually very obvious.

You might even be thinking, “Well he’s just puffing his chest out!”

But it definitely 100% feels a lot better.

It feels so much looser and effortless.

And since it feels better, I’m going to take it as a win!

That’s it folks!

My 2-week stretching routine from Deskbound to fix my posture.

Try it out and let me know it goes!

Also, if you’ve experienced other stretches that help with your posture, let me know in the comments!

And as always, thank you for reading!

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