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I tried the 90-day splits challenge. Here are my results

Video journal of my 90 Day Splits Challenge!

When you think of a flexible person, you usually think of an attractive woman in yoga pants. Dudes? Not so much. While there with a few interesting exceptions, women being more flexible than men is pretty much the status quo. But you know what? I don’t accept that. Which is why I decided undertake the 90-day splits challenge. 

What is the 90-Day Splits Challenge? 

The 90-Day splits challenge was, as far I know, created by a guy named Antranik. Here is a link to his original article about it.

Basically the point of the splits challenge is to devote the next 90 days to achieving the splits.

Now which splits are we talking about here?

Well, pretty much all of them.

There are three main types of splits: Front Splits. Straddle Middle Splits. Pancake Middle Splits.

Obviously its not me in any of the pictures because I’m not quite there yet.

Now I figured that if I was gonna train for the splits, I might as well go all the way. I made it my goal to accomplish all three splits versions, or at least get as close as I can. Was it ambitious, hell yeah! But, you know what? If Logan Paul can do it, I can do it. And being able to drop down into the splits and punch someone in the nuts Johnny Cage style just might be the move to save your life one day.

Fortunately, Antranik’s routine in his blog post covered all three splits versions. It’s a fairly straightforward routine and only takes around 30 minutes to do.

Note: Antranik’s routine has been updated since I started this challenge. I did the old version of his 90-Day Splits Challenge routine.

Here is the routine I did for my splits challenge

Warm Up

First I would spend at least 10 minutes warming up. Jog. Squats. Whatever it takes to get the blood flowing. It’s not a good idea to stretch a cold body. If I stretched after a workout, I would skip the warm up entirely because I’m already warmed up. In fact, stretching after a workout is ideal.

Leg Swings

 After I warmed up, I would do:

-       20 front kicks

-       20 back kicks

-       20 sidekicks on each leg.

Isolated Stretches

The next sets of stretches I did were some that helped prepare myself for the more intense splits work:

-       Standing Splits Hamstring Floss (Hamstrings) - 1 minute each side

-       Couch Stretch (Hip Flexors) – 1 minute each side

-       Standard Frog Bounces – 1 minute

-       Half Frog Bounces – 30 seconds each side

-       Elbow Frog Bounces – 1 minute

-       Horse Stance Holds – 3x1 minute holds

Splits Work 

After doing the isolated stretches, I would move on to working on the actual splits:

-       Front Splits – 2 minutes each side

-       Straddle Middle Splits – 2 minutes each side

-       Pancake Middle Splits – 2 minutes each side

There you go! Its a pretty straightforward routine, but oh so painful sometimes.

Well now that you know the routine, here is my actual journey.

This is where I was at the start of the program.

The 90-day splits challenge started off just like any other program for the most part. I was super gung ho and stretched every single day. And I wasn’t going easy on myself. I was doing the full intense stretching every damn day.

And you know what? I saw a lot of progress during the first month. I was getting closer and closer to the ground. But I had trouble taking my hands off the ground. Ideally, I should’ve stretched with my hands off the ground even if it meant not being able to go as low because that is what builds the strength to be able to hold yourself in the position.

Unfortunately, my ego just wanted me to go as low as possible without considering the strength part, because going low looks cool.

The good news is that this all did make me feel pretty good about myself so I continued to stretch everyday and stretch intensely everyday. Little did I know that going hard everyday would bite me in the ass.  

Right around the 30-day mark, I started to hit a plateau where I stopped making progress.

The first thing I noticed that I was consistently sore, especially in my hamstrings, inner thighs and hip flexors but continued to stretch anyways. It wasn’t until around the day 48 mark that I decided that it would be a good idea to take a few steps back.

From day 49-64, I took things easier. I would stretch, at most, every other day. Sometimes I would even take up to 4 days off if I felt really sore.

During the off days, I would foam roll the parts of my body that were really sore, which was mostly my hamstrings, hip flexors and inner thighs.

I picked up the pace again at around day 65 until the end, but I would only go intense every other day or so with the off days being more foam rolling.  

Funny enough, I was in Vegas on Day 66 and 67 and had the opportunity to showcase my new, erm, flexibility talents.  

Word of advice: if you’re planning to do the splits on a stripper pole in a Vegas nightclub, wear stretchy pants. Ripping your pants mid split can be quite the awkward experience.

Finally at the end of the splits challenge, I took some pictures to see how far I had gotten.

Here’s my progress:

Pretty decent progress if you ask me. I didn’t exactly make it to the full splits, but I feel like I’ll get there soon enough.

Can any of you out there do the splits? How long did it take? I would very much like to know! So be sure to leave a comment! Since this 90-day splits challenge program worked so well, I’m actually going to be doing another 90 days! I’m telling you, I will get those damn splits sooner or later!

I’m basically gonna be a fitness guinea pig so I’ll be posting more of my experiment like this (and the ZMA one) in the future! Stay tuned!

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