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My Splits Progress – 7-Month Report 

A while back I did a 90-day splits challenge and got some pretty decent results. Well guess what? Now I’m at the 7-month point since I started stretching for the splits. So how much splits progress have I made? What did I do in the following months? What were some of the bigger lessons I learned during this period? Well. These are the things that I am going to share with you.

You can watch a video version of this post here.

My First 90-Days Splits Challenge

I started my journey with the splits in mid June 2018. This was my starting point.

I then proceeded to do 90 days splits challenge using the older version of Antranik’s Splits Routine.

I talk about those 90 days in this video and blog post.

What Happened After That?

Some people have been asking me what has happened since then, which is why I decided to make this video. Well the 90 days splits journey ended around mid September. After that, I took it easy for about 2 weeks.

Starting in October, I began a new schedule so to speak. I continued to do Antranik’s splits routine, except this time, it was the updated one.

The main differences were that the order of the stretches got switched around a bit.

In the old version, you would do the warm up stretches first and then do the front, straddle and pancake splits.

In the new version, you would stretch the splits after the appropriate warm up.

For example, you would do the warm up stretches for the front splits, and then stretch the front splits. After that, you warm up for the middle splits, and then do the middle splits stretches.  

I actually like this format better because it separates the front and the middle splits into two sections, which makes it easier to break it up into 2 days in the off chance that I didn’t have time to do it all in one day.

I also personally spent twice as long on the couch stretch portion because the major limiting factor for my front splits is my back leg.

And as far the stretches themselves go, sometimes when doing the front splits, I would focus on keeping my hips square and other times, I would just try to go as low as possible.

Sure maybe in a perfect world, one would square their hips all the time, but sometimes my ego just needs a little bit of stroking so I don’t lose faith and give up.

See, I’m thinking that if I can get my crotch to the ground, it still counts as a front split even if my hips aren’t perfectly square.

At least most people would think so.

And guess what? I’m stretching for me, and not for anyone else.

Alright so here’s a play by play of what happened after the first 90 days:

Splits Progress - October 2018

For the first few weeks of October, I did Antranik’s routine three times a week, mostly on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then I would attend a yoga class twice a week or so.

By around the end of October, I dropped the yoga classes since my cheap trial membership ended.

Oh yeah I’m totally the guy that will hop to different yoga studios and abuse the free trial memberships.

Splits Progress - November 2018

Going into November I would still stretch intensely three times a week with Antranik’s program, but I ended up doing foam rolling/do release work on at least 2 of the off days.

I would pretty much roll out my entire lower body, but here are a few that I found really helpful, especially when I saw sore.

Helpful Foam Rolling/Myofascial Release Exercises

  1. Inner Thigh/Adductor Smash

  2. Quad Smash with the Roller or the X-Wing Handles

  3. Side Hip Smash

  4. Butt/Glute Smash

  5. Hamstring Smash

  6. Calf Smash

2 or more minutes for each foam roll exercise.

I usually didn’t do all of them in one session unless I’m watching TV or something. Most of the time, I would just pick 3 and do that. Something is better than nothing after all!

Splits Progress - December 2018

Fast forward to December, I feel like I’m plateauing again. I’ll stretch on Monday and still be sore on Wednesday and even sorer on Friday! Now I’m thinking: damn. Maybe I ought to slow things down a bit.  

So I knock down the intense stretching to just twice a week. Mostly on a Monday-Friday schedule with the off days being light stretching and/or foam rolling only.

For light stretching, I would do:

  1. Couch Stretch

  2. Banded Hamstring Floss

  3. And Butterfly.

Up to 2 minutes for each stretch.

Although, I do admit things also get a little busier in my life so I admit that I was not as consistent as I was in the previous months. This would continue throughout January because I ended up even busier!

Splits Progress - January 2019

In January, the frequency of intense stretching dropped to once a week with the off days being again, light stretching and or foam rolling. And I admit, sometimes I’d skip a day or two simply because I forgot.

So it’s early February now. What do my splits look like now?

Well here is the before and after of where I am at with all the respective stretches.


Not terrible I have to say.

I feel like at this point, if I just keep at it and not worry too much, I’ll get there eventually.

Here are some of the major takeaways and lessons I’ve learned from the experience. 


Progress will slow down. The further along you get, the slower it is.

I remember making super fast progress during the very first month.

After that, progress just got slower and slower the further you get along.

Do not let that discourage you.

If you just keep going, you’ll eventually be like, “Hey, I’ve made some progress!”

You will probably plateau at some point.

If this happens, don’t panic.

It might be a good idea to reevaluate.

For me, taking time off or changing frequency in my schedule seemed to do the trick.

You could probably also explore changing routines.

 If you skip a day, you won’t magically lose all your results

If you accidentally skip a day, don’t panic, you won’t go backwards.

I’ve also found that sometimes taking a few days off can be quite helpful if you find yourself plateauing or really sore.

So that it everyone! My progress report after spending 7 months stretching for the splits!

It hasn’t been a perfectly smooth journey, but I’m still going.

And that’s all that’s all that matters.

Any of you out there trying get the splits?

Or maybe you already have the splits and want to share some wisdom?

Let me know in the comments!

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